Recent Migration


We’re guessing most of you may not be aware of this, so PLEASE take a few moments to read this notice, as it may contain some important information regarding logging into your account if you’re a returning customer.

About a month or so ago, several events resulted in us unexpectedly having to switch shopping carts. Under normal circumstances, a significant move like this would have been planned and announced in advance, along with at least preliminary details about what to expect (i.e. how long it was projected to take, etc.). During routine software updates, our cart was unintentionally upgraded to the most current version – which probably sounds like a good thing. We had been avoiding this update, however, because one of its requirements was the complete abandonment of the MySQL database standard in lieu of a third-party site search solution. What we weren’t aware of prior to the upgrade was the fact that without switching to that new solution, products would simply no longer display on the site.

We did try to get the new solution working at first, but it became very clear that leaving this cart was inevitable, for this reason alongside several others. Thankfully, deciding on a new system wasn’t very difficult, as we had already considered this one in the past. A cart migration tends to offer at least a few challenges, and although we were able to port over most of the data successfully, passwords present a unique challenge in the form of them being stored using a hashing algorithm for security. Long story short: you will probably need to reset your password.

We apologize for the inconvenience, particularly for the sudden nature of this migration and the downtime that unfortunately came with it. Thank you for sticking with us – we look forward to bringing you exciting new products and features throughout this year and beyond!

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