Home Circle Media, LLC is a U.S.-based company originally founded in 2004 to offer CD and DVD duplication and production services for musicians and artists in Northeast Ohio. As the demand for physical media products began to wane, the company decided to shift its focus to the retail sector, becoming an officially licensed vendor of several anime merchandise lines and gradually expanding its catalog as interest in these products grew. By 2012, it was operating full-time as an anime retailer, and could frequently be seen vending in conventions throughout the Midwestern United States and beyond.

The company launched its e-store in 2010 to offer a selection of merchandise that was domestically distributed, and gradually began incorporating some of its imported products over time. The reason for this was twofold: imported products tend to arrive in limited supply and are often quickly discontinued, and it allowed for a unique selection of high-demand products to be offered exclusively on-site at conventions.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 and the cancellation or postponement of all large gatherings throughout the country, the company began turning its attention solely to improving its web presence and has recently (as of March, 2021) completed major upgrades as well as a server migration that it believes will help serve its customers more effectively and efficiently.

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