• Art/Guide Books

    Art/Guide Books (100)

    Officially licensed anime art and guide books. Whether you're simply looking for some illustrations to dazzle your eyes, deeper insights about characters, stories, settings, and events, or anything in between, these officially licensed art and guide books are here to help. The majority of these books will be imported directly from Japan, which means the text will be in Japanese,…
  • Blind Boxes/Trading Goods

    Blind Boxes/Trading Goods (83)

    Are you feeling lucky? For the risk takers out there, we offer officially licensed blind box goods, ranging from straps and charms to small figures and even mini canvas prints! The important thing to note here is that because these are randomly packaged, there's no way to guarantee that you will receive a specific type or style. Please keep this…
  • Folders

    Folders (146)

    Who says practical has to mean boring? Spice up your organizational life with our colorful anime folders! Pocket folders contain clear divided inserts that are perfect for holding artwork or autographs while still being easy to show. Elastic band document folders feature wide inner flaps to keep your valued documents safe, along with their namesake elastic bands to ensure the…
  • Magnets

    Magnets (29)

    Decorate your locker or refrigerator with these anime magnet sets. Magnets come on a flat precut sheet - just punch them out and hang them up! Number of magnets in each set will vary. A great (and reusable) way to show your love for your favorite show(s) and character(s)!
  • Paper Theater

    Paper Theater (100)

    Easily one of the more unique product offerings in our catalog, these anime paper theater papercrafting kits allow you to create striking 3D displays from precut pieces of paper. Tools like glue and tweezers aren't included, so make sure you have these essential crafting items handy. Each kit is rated according to how difficult it is to assemble: 1 being…
  • Playing Cards

    Playing Cards (87)

    Take your game to the next level with these anime playing cards! Standard poker decks of 52 cards, which feature character and show related artwork on the faces and themed backs. Card artwork varies per deck, with most repeating the images across the suits (i.e. aces will have the same artwork, etc.), but select ones have featured unique images on…
  • Puzzles

    Puzzles (191)

    A great solution for those "stuck at home" blues! Whether you're new to puzzling and looking to test the waters before jumping in cannonball-style or an experienced puzzler looking for something more challenging to test your skills, we've got 'em. Here you'll find piece counts ranging from 56 to 2000 pieces, including the gorgeous, semi-transparent art crystal jigsaws. Time to…
  • Stationery

    Stationery (237)

    If you're looking for anime themed stationery items - from pencils and memo pads to binders, folders, and notebooks in a wide range of shapes, styles, and sizes - you've come to the right place! Add a little anime fun to your school and office supplies with these "practical doesn't have to mean plain" products. Items have been separated into…
  • Stickers

    Stickers (105)

    These colorful anime stickers can add a dash of fun to those plain, adhesive-friendly surfaces! Featuring characters and designs from shows both new and old, they come packaged either singly or in sets. PLEASE NOTE: these non-vinyl stickers are designed for indoor use only.