Magnet Sheets Have Returned As Well
In addition to our memo pads, flat magnet sheets are now back in stock as well. Add a little anime cheer to your refrigerator or freezer doors this holiday season - they make great stocking stuffers!..
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Memo Pads Are Back!
Memo Pads are back in stock and our selection has been dramatically expanded! From Free! to Tokyo Ghoul, be sure to check out our new offerings of sticky notes-style anime-themed memos. These will ONLY be available through our website - you won't see them at our convention booths. ..
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Important Notice Regarding Postal Rates
The USPS raised rates on Priority Mail services on January 17th, including both domestic and international services. As our exclusive carrier, we know this will unfortunately affect our e-commerce customers, particularly those outside of the U.S., where the rate tables have been consolidated to cover larger weight ranges. We're currently looking at a few options to bring some of these costs down, including possibly offering UPS shipping for heavier packages (the USPS is less expensive up to a certain point, but after that point, UPS rates seem to be favorable). As always, we'll keep you posted..
As some of you may (or may not) be aware, we have been serving as an independent record label for two musical projects (Parlormuse and Subtle Inversion) for quite some time now. Although that might seem a bit strange at first glance and outside of our normal sphere of product offerings, our company actually began as a music production and duplication facility back in 2004. Demand for these services slowly began to wane over the course of the following years and around the time of the release of Subtle Inversion's Kaleidoscope, we realized that a revamp of our business model was very much ..
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Installment #5 is here! This month's featured products are: Vocaloid Megurine Luka Button Set, A Certain Scientific Railgun Spiral Notebook, Rosario+Vampire Elastic Band Document Folder, Hetalia Hardcover Notebook, and Rurouni Kenshin Profiles...
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Check out the products featured in the fourth installment of our monthly Inside Look video series! This time we take a closer look at the Deadman Wonderland S4 Spiral Notebook, Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Binder, Ore Imo Group Pocket Folder, Naruto Shippuden Jinchuriki Glue Bound Notebook, and Hetalia Arte Stella Piccolo Axis Powers Art Book...
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The third installment of our monthly product showcase is now live! This time we feature the Panty & Stocking Hollow Kitty Notebook, Death Note 4.2 Trading Figures, the Peach-Pit DearS Art Book, Black Rock Shooter Elastic Band Document Folder, and Vampire Knight Zero & Yuki Glue Bound Notebook...
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Inside Look #2 - Second Installment of our Monthly Product Showcase
Check out the second installment of our Inside Look video series! This episode features Strike Witches Flags Notebook, Panty & Stocking Binder 3, Gundam Wing Heavyarms Custom Sketchbook, Bleach Pocket Folder, and One Piece Color Walk 1 Art Book...
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Inside Look - Our New Monthly Product Showcase Video Series
Inside Look, our new monthly video series, highlights a selection of products and examines them in greater detail. This month's feature includes: Black Butler Playing Cards, Tiger and Bunny Barnaby Elastic Band Document Folder, Wagnaria (Working) Group Binder, Kill la KIll A4 Council Spiral Notebook, and Haruhi-ism: Noizi Ito Artworks. ..
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